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Clarity Clinic of SW Wisconsin’s FREE, CONFIDENTIAL services are designed to turn fear into confidence. Our services focus on optimal Reproductive Wellness & emotional well-being in three areas.

Community Education Programs related to optimal health and sexual wholeness are available for students in grades 4 through college. Awareness programs are available to  make students aware that their actions today can have long lasting consequences in real life and/or in the digital world. Topics include hygiene, healthy boundaries, social media awareness, human trafficking, vaping and others. We realized that one risky behavior can lead to others. Programs deliver FREE, age-appropriate content to every group.


Parent Program

GROUNDED is a guardian's guide to "setting the bar", helping youth navigate social media, and shedding light on the issue of human trafficking.


Client Services

To love and care for women, we offer FREE services including pregnancy tests, limited STD screenings, viability confirmation ultrasounds and options consultations. 



Individualized care helping women, men and families heal from prenatal loss and find restoration. 


Parenting Education

Parenting Support, formerly First Steps, is an Earn-While-You-Learn program providing individualized support and material assistance. This program educates parents/guardians with parenting and life skills. Participants of this program earn points to use for shopping in our Baby Boutique.

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