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Upcoming Events

Postponed Until Further Notice: 5th Annual Banquet

Join us on April 30, 2020, at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville Velzy Commons! Let’s celebrate the impact Clarity Clinic of SW Wisconsin is having in our community and the vision moving into the future. Jeffrey Dean will be our guest speaker. The event is free to attend with an invitation to financially invest in our ministry. RSVP below or call 608-348-5787.

Jeffrey Dean is an influencer who is devoted to making the family strong. The popular author, pastor and motivational leader has spoken to over four million people throughout our nation's universities, churches, and conferences. Jeffrey has held positions on the Strategic Stakeholders Committee for the Department of Health and Human Services, Washington DC; Advisory Board of National Abstinence Clearinghouse; and Youth for Christ, among many others. Jeffery serves as host of The Family Strong Podcast with Jeffrey Dean. He is also a frequent guest on nationally syndicated radio programs. Jeffrey serves as a contributing writer for Stand Firm Magazine, Horizon, Fusion, and The Brink, and his monthly column appears in Direction and Horizon Magazines.

Postponed until Further Notice

More information about the upcoming events will be posted when they get closer. If you have questions, please email development@claritywi.com

Past Events

4th Annual Live & Silent Auction

Thank you to everyone who attended and supported our 4th Annual Live & Silent Auction. With your generosity, over $30,000 was raised! The money raised will go towards supporting our community education programs and every client who walks through our doors.

4th Annual Banquet


The Banquet raised $80,000! We were short of our $100,000 goal but it was our most successful banquet in our history! Mike Slater gave a powerful message about legacy, mystery, and love. Two client couples gave a video testimony about how their life was changed by Clarity Clinic. Thank you for everyone that attended and support Clarity Clinic.