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As an ambassador of Jesus Christ, the Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) Education Director has the responsibility for the overall development, implementation, and operation of Clarity Clinic of SW Wisconsin’s health and wellness preventative SRA education programs.  The program emphasizes a positive view of human sexuality and promotes risk avoidance through practicing sexual integrity, encouraging a lifeline committed relationship. The director’s primary responsibilities include (1) providing and supervising the center’s educational programing in schools, churches, and organizations of the community of SW WI, (2) modeling and providing student training directly to elementary, middle and high school youth, college students and (3) recruiting, training, and managing all program personnel. 


Reports to

Executive Director



All personnel within the program (paid or volunteer)


Avg. 14 hours per week/40 weeks a year


Minimum Qualifications

  • Be a committed Christian who demonstrates a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord

  • Exhibit strong commitment and dedication to sexual risk avoidance and life-affirming principles.

  • Agree with and be willing to uphold the Commitment of Care and Competence, Core Values, Statement of Faith, and policies of the center

  • Have a bachelor's degree in education or relevant experience

  • Exhibit skills in interpersonal communication, public speaking, and problem solving

  • Have knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint and/or Google Slides to create or edit presentations.

  • Understands and knows how to find truthful, accurate and the most up to date information regarding the many topics we cover in our presentations. 

  • Understand the pressures and temptations encountered by elementary through college aged individuals and be able to relate well with these groups

  • Be able to provide leadership and support to the staff and volunteers within your department.

  • Be able to carry out responsibilities with little or no supervision


Preferred Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree

Essential Functions

I.   Administration

  • Evaluate, select, and maintain needed educational materials and resources for the development of health and wellness programs

  • Formulate and revise policies and procedures for program volunteers and SRA educators

  • Schedule and implement all program requests and appropriate speakers

  • Interact with the Executive Director to relate needs, problems, progress, goal setting, and implementation


II.  Education Team Training (if applicable)

  • Conduct training specifically for sexual integrity and risky behavior speakers 

  • Recruit, interview, and select team members for the education program

  • Provide supervision of the training program as set forth in the training manual

  • Provide ongoing training for program personnel

  • Continue to develop and revise training materials for the program

  • Coach and develop personnel in the program 


III.  Presentations

  • Train youth and young adults through factual and engaging public presentations concerning risk avoidance and healthy relationships

  • Be available to speak privately with participants after presentations

  • Follow center policy and procedures for all community presentations and interactions


IV. Public Relations

  • Develop and promote materials for the program 

  • Maintain a working relationship with target audiences, such as special committees, agencies, schools, and youth organizations 

  • Participate in development functions/events as requested by the Executive Director

To apply, submit cover letter, resume and references to

Registered Nurse (RN) 



The staff nurse assists with the provision of client care and medical service operations. RN must be willing to be trained in limited OB ultrasound within 6 months of hire. Company provides and pays for OB ultrasound training. 


Reports to

Nurse Manager and Medical Director


This is a part-time position working three days per week and roughly 24 hours per week. Currently, those days and hours would be Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 8:45am-4:15pm.



  • Be a committed Christian who demonstrates a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord

  • Exhibit strong commitment and dedication to the life-affirming position and sexual purity

  • Agree with and be willing to uphold the Statement of Faith, Statement of Principle, and the policies of the center

  • Be licensed as a registered nurse in the state

  • Have a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing or working toward that degree

  • Have two years of experience in a pregnancy center, obstetrics, or gynecology

  • Willingness to be trained in sonography for limited OB ultrasounds.  

  • Exhibit strong interpersonal and administration skills


General Operation

  1. Maintain a working knowledge of nursing methods, principles and practices in relation to the prevention and treatment of disease, safety and infection control, clinical systems, supplies and equipment

  2. Assure ongoing compliance with infection control guidelines

  3. Implement clinic policies and procedures (P&P), including compliance with OSHA, CLIA, privacy practices, infection control, and MSDS

  4. Conduct annual review of P&P and infection control regulations in conjunction with the Medical Director

  5. Orient new medical staff to clinic duties and responsibilities, and provide ongoing supervision to any clinical personnel

  6. Maintain, inventory, and order all medical and first aid supplies

  7. Check expiration dates on consumable products used in clinic

  8. Monitor facility compliance with OSHA

  9. Properly disinfect and clean all client areas, especially in lab and ultrasound rooms, ensuring the instruments and counters are disinfected according to policies and procedures

  10. Assure accurate implementation of Medical Director’s orders

  11. Develop, maintain, review clinic policies and procedures

  12. Submit  monthly reports to the Executive Director with clinical information and updates

  13. Track statistics, client comments, and client outcomes monthly

  14. Review signed charts and make sure charts were signed appropriately

  15. Close client chart electronically and on paper, then file appropriately

Client Care

  1. Provide clinical services and support in accordance with level of expertise and training

  2. Thoroughly explain all medical consent forms to clients, and answer questions prior to providing any medical services

  3. Document client care in chart and properly maintain and archive client medical records

  4. Provide clients with education on pregnancy decision options, STIs, ultrasounds, etc., referrals for medical care/follow-up, and other pertinent community referrals.

  5. Review client records for completeness, accuracy, and signatures

  6. Conduct phone follow-up with clients, as indicated

  7. Discuss clinical questions with the Nurse Manager and Medical Director, as needed

  8. Provide nursing care by assessing client needs and makes nursing judgments that reflect safe nursing practices

  9. Maintain accurate records, care plans and follow-through on physician’s orders

  10. Assure accurate implementation of physician’s orders and advises physicians of client’s progress and changes in condition

  11. Provide education for client and family to develop an understanding of their health condition

  12. Review client record to check for the intake form and consent for medical services form

  13. Meet with the client and review client instructions for medical services and the medical procedure

  14. Review and record client medical history; place physician order & summary report in the record 

  15. Provide support to the other medical staff, including chaperoning exams

  16. Meet with client after the exam for pregnancy counseling, education, and referrals

  17. Arrange and provide client follow-up

  18. Review client records at the end of each day

  19. Ensure that medical equipment is properly operated and maintained

General Operation

  1. Recruit qualified medical team volunteers to meet the needs of the clinic

  2. Oversee training and orientation of the ancillary clinical personnel

  3. Participate in clinical meetings

  4. Research for educational meetings in presentations related to abortion and sexual health issues

  5. Provide updates to statistics and prevalence of abortion

Personal Development

  1. Maintain professional license

  2. Comply with state and professional licensing and continuing education requirements.

  3. Increase knowledge of obstetrical,  gynecological care, and women’s health issues

  4. Personal professional liability insurance is highly recommended

  5. Maintain current CPR certification before expiration

  6. Continually update knowledge on women’s health as it relates to your position

  7. Review center policies and procedures annually, including infection control regulations, and safety procedures


  1. Emergency calls are referred to a local hospital emergency room, client’s own physician, and/or advise client to call 911

  2. Consult with the Medical Director for current client situations

  3. Follow the policies & procedures for on-site medical emergencies

To apply, submit cover letter, resume and references to

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