RN - Part Time

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The staff nurse assists with the provision of client care and medical service operations.


Reports to

Nurse Manager and/or Medical Director and Executive Director


Monday, Tuesday and Friday 8:45am-4:15pm

Roughly 22 hours per week


  1. Be a committed Christian who demonstrates a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord

  2. Exhibit strong commitment and dedication to the life-affirming position and sexual purity

  3. Agree with and be willing to uphold the Statement of Faith, Statement of Principle, and the policies of the center

  4. Be licensed as a registered nurse in the state

  5. Have a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing or working toward that degree

  6. Prefer two years of experience in a pregnancy center, obstetrics, gynecology OR medical setting.

  7. Willingness to be trained in sonography for limited OB ultrasounds.  

  8. Exhibit strong interpersonal and administration skills


  1. Maintain a working knowledge of nursing methods, principles and practices in relation to the prevention and treatment of disease, safety and infection control, clinical systems, supplies and equipment

  2. Assure ongoing compliance with infection control guidelines

  3. Implement clinic policies and procedures (P&P), including compliance with OSHA, CLIA, privacy practices, infection control, and MSDS in partnership with the Nurse Manager.

  4. Conduct annual review of P&P and infection control regulations in conjunction with the Nurse Manager and Medical Director

  5. Orient new medical staff to clinic duties and responsibilities

  6. Maintain, inventory, and order all medical and first aid supplies

  7. Check expiration dates on consumable products used in clinic

  8. Monitor facility compliance with OSHA

  9. Properly disinfect and clean all client areas, especially in lab and ultrasound rooms, ensuring the instruments and counters are disinfected according to policies and procedures

  10. Assure accurate implementation of Nurse Manager and Medical Director’s orders

  11. Review clinic policies and procedures, offering suggestions to the Nurse Manager and Medical Director for updates, maintenance and new policies and procedures as needed.

  12. Submit  monthly reports to the Executive Director with clinical information and updates

  13. Track statistics, client comments, and client outcomes monthly

  14. Review signed charts and make sure charts were signed appropriately

  15. Close client chart electronically and on paper, then file appropriately 

  1. Client Care

    1. Provide clinical services and support in accordance with level of expertise and training

    2. Thoroughly explain all medical consent forms to clients, and answer questions prior to providing any medical services

    3. Document client care in chart and properly maintain and archive client medical records

    4. Provide clients with education on pregnancy decision options, STIs, ultrasounds, etc., referrals for medical care/follow-up, and other pertinent community referrals.

    5. Review client records for completeness, accuracy, and signatures

    6. Conduct phone follow-up with clients, as indicated

    7. Discuss clinical questions with the Nurse Manager and Medical Director, as needed

    8. Provide nursing care by assessing client needs and makes nursing judgments that reflect safe nursing practices

    9. Maintain accurate records, care plans and follow-through on physician’s orders

    10. Assure accurate implementation of physician’s orders and advises physicians of client’s progress and changes in condition

    11. Provide education for client and family to develop an understanding of their health condition

    12. Review client record to check for the intake form and consent for medical services form

    13. Meet with the client and review client instructions for medical services and the medical procedure

    14. Review and record client medical history; place physician order & summary report in the record 

    15. Provide support to the other medical staff, including chaperoning exams

    16. Meet with client after the exam for pregnancy counseling, education, and referrals

    17. Arrange and provide client follow-up

    18. Review client records at the end of each day

    19. Ensure that medical equipment is properly operated and maintained

  2. Personal Development

    1. Maintain professional license

    2. Comply with state and professional licensing and continuing education requirements.

    3. Increase knowledge of obstetrical,  gynecological care, and women’s health issues

    4. Personal professional liability insurance is recommended

    5. Maintain current CPR certification before expiration

    6. Continually update knowledge on women’s health as it relates to your position

    7. Review center policies and procedures annually with all medical staff employees, including infection control regulations, and safety procedures

To apply, submit cover letter, resume and references to executive@claritywi.com

Advancement Director

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Leads in planning, implementing, and coordinating fundraising efforts and community activities that will encourage, maintain, and increase philanthropic support to meet the short and long term needs of Clarity Clinic of SW Wisconsin, LTD (CCSWWI). Continual donor communication is essential. These activities shall be consistent with the vision and goals of the organization and shall reach individuals, corporations, churches, and organizations in the community.


Reports to

Executive Director



Paid staff and/or volunteer(s) in the Advancement department


Monday - Friday 8:00am-4:00pm, occasional nights and weekends required. 



  1. Be a committed Christian who demonstrates a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord

  2. Exhibit strong commitment and dedication to the life-affirming position and sexual purity

  3. Agree with and be willing to uphold the Statement of Principle, Statement of Faith, and policies of the CCSWWI

  4. Be able to provide spiritual leadership, discipleship, and support to the volunteers and staff within your department

  5. Have work experience or related degree in marketing, public relations, financial or a related field

  6. Have strong organizational skills and writing skills

  7. Effective presentations with the use of computer programs

  8. Have background to support in strategic planning, budgeting, financial, and motivational experience

  9. Prefer two years experience in a non-profit development/advancement role

  10. Exhibit professional appearance and presentation, effective speech and direction, with courtesy to all groups and donors

  11. Be able to carry out responsibilities with little or no supervision

Essential Functions

  1. Motivate donors and potential donors to invest in CCSWWI through relationship building and encouragement.

    1. Conduct thorough prospect research and identification activities for CCSWWI to devise and implement specific strategies to develop relationships with individual donors and community churches while cultivating these relationships to expand the donor base.

    2. Develop and maintain strong working relationships with key contacts within the community. This includes businesses, civic groups, churches, and philanthropic prospects. Identify potential fundraising opportunities within these groups and recommend a course of action to the Executive Director for strengthening those relationships.

    3. Maintain strict confidentiality with finances, donor identity, and donor information.

    4. Prepare an annual operating plan for the advancement activities within the community and, as designated by the Board of Directors, the objectives and activities consistent with those goals, a model for evaluating effectiveness, and budgetary/revenue requirements.

    5. In conjunction with the Board of Directors and the Executive Director, design, implement, coordinate, and evaluate programs in the following areas of fund development: Annual giving, major gifts, planned giving, special events, and other ongoing activities.

    6. Coordinate and organize activities in support of the annual fundraising events, including but not limited to, the auction and the banquet. 

    7. Write and mail quarterly newsletters and donor appeal letters as determined by strategy and need. 

    8. Participate in establishing the overall strategic plan for CCSWWI.

    9. Develop and maintain a working knowledge of computer software programs specifically designed to facilitate accurate donor and prospect information. Employ a donor information system that ensures donor and prospect records and history are current, accurate, timely, and protected.

    10. Follow policies and procedures for regular backup of donor files, record keeping, and procedures for safeguarding donor and prospect databases to ensure the protection, confidentiality, and integrity of historical data.

    11. Submit required monthly reports in a timely manner to the Executive Director, in regards to  

    12. Accept assignments not specifically delineated above, as requested by the Executive Director and Board of Directors.

    13. Provide ongoing supervision and annual performance evaluation for the Advancement department support staff and volunteers.


  1. Finances

    1. Work alongside the Executive Director to help prepare and monitor the annual budget, with special attention given to income.

    2. Work with the Executive Director to prepare all financial reports for the monthly/annual meeting of the Board of Directors, affiliates and any others that we deem necessary to our business.

    3. Seek, write and submit grant proposals in alliance with our vision, projects and needs as part of our financial strategy. 

    4. Determine goals around CCSWWI’s income, via individual and monthly donors, businesses, churches and large fundraising events.

Preferred Functions

  1. Public Relations and Marketing 

a. Work in conjunction with the Executive Director to develop CSWWI’s public relations and marketing efforts which may include, but not limited to, messaging, positioning, social media, advertisements, promotional brochures, website, billboard copy, radio and television exposure, and community appearances by Board, staff, and volunteers.

b. Assist Executive Director in the development of a yearly marketing plan and has primary oversight for ensuring the details of the plan are carried out. Assists in the development and implementation of marketing materials, complying with the organization’s graphic standards and messaging guidelines.

To apply, submit cover letter, resume and references to executive@claritywi.com