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Vision Tours

In a culture of disposable relationships and increased sexual risk, the Vision Tour will display the ways Clarity Clinic of SW Wisconsin is helping youth combat the pressures of today’s social media society. Below are some of the topics our educational programs cover:

  • Sexual risk avoidance

  • Reproductive wellness safeguarding

  • Social media risks

  • Building healthy relationships


By reaching out to youth, we are able to educate them on the risks, equip them with ways to avoid the risks, and empower them in knowing they are not alone. Tours are an informational presentation displaying our organization’s design along with an overview of our services: what we do and how we do it -- as if you were a client -- and our future direction as we continue our rapid growth.


Tours are typically on a Monday at 4:00 PM (other days and times are available upon request).  We target one hour but are flexible to accommodate Q & A.

Who should I invite?

Friends, family, co-workers or whomever you think would be interested in learning more about Clarity Clinic of SW Wisconsin. Here's how:

  • Introduce them to the many FREE services offered

  • Ignite the compassion in someone already connected, or

  • Engage others in your circle of influence to see why you are passionate about our clinic, education, and First Steps

Why attend?
  • Experience the FREE services from the viewpoint of a client

  • Learn how Clarity’s services are growing exponentially

  • Hear what our students are asking and why teachers invite us into their classroom

  • Learn about our current initiatives

  • Meet our staff

We won't ask for money, we promise.

Tours are for information only. We won't ask for money. We simply want to give you an opportunity to see first-hand how Clarity Clinic of SW WI is changing lives and impacting youth in our communities. Of course, if during a Vision Tour you feel led to invest in the next generation through our services, donations are always welcome.  We count it a privilege to let clients and students know that they are able to receive our services FREE of CHARGE because someone believes they (the recipient) are worth their (the donor’s) investment!

How to reserve your seat.

Reserve your seat here by contacting pressing the button below.  Or by us at 608-348-5787 with your name, email, phone number, and the names of the individuals attending with you or email Belinda at

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